Want to come home at night and have your yard put a smile on your face? Sometimes all it needs is a facelift.

This can be done by replacing old, tired, and overgrown foundation planting with a fresh, new look.
It can be as simple as adding in annual flowers to your existing beds twice a year for seasonal changes, or maybe just some colorful pots by the front door.
Any of these can make your house feel more like a home, that welcomes you in at the end of the day.

Want your house to look spectacular for a special event?  We can plan an installation in advance of a party, wedding, or holiday, so that it will be perfect for the event; or we can do a last minute “instant look” installation.

Want to have your house have that special “curb appeal” before it is listed for sale?  Help it stand out from all the rest!

I have been in business since 1984, designing and installing annual and perennial gardens, and small landscaping projects.

I have working relationships with contractors for projects that may also include new sod, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and hardscaping.

To keep your garden looking its best, I offer monthly maintenance of your annual/perennial garden.  This service would include weeding, trimming and shaping of perennials, de-heading of spent flowers, feeding and snail baiting.

Contact: Susie Hyde